There is inherent tension between trying to do something new and navigating an established system. We accept that our labeling and our marketing may have been misleading and for that we truly apologize to all of our customers.  We anticipated this would be hard, and it should be! When it comes to our kids, safety comes first and every parent deserves peace of mind.


Were there any customer concerns?

It is important to note that we have had no safety complaints or problems identified with the physical integrity of our Companion Formula product.


Why wasn't Bobbie an infant formula at the time of its pilot launch to SF?

The US has very specific requirements that must be met in order for a product to be marketed as an infant formula. Such as meeting nutritional guidelines, ensuring that facilities are FDA-vetted, and completing necessary growth studies. At the time of our pilot launch to San Francisco, our product did not meet all these requirements.


Did Bobbie's Companion Formula provide adequate iron levels if it had been appropriately marketed as an infant formula? 

Yes, for full term healthy babies. Bobbie Companion Formula contains .79 mg per 100 kilocalories (.53 mg per 100ml). FDA regulations require that infant formulas contain between 0.15 to 3.0 mg of iron per 100 kilocalories. FDA regulations also require infant formulas that contain less than 1mg of iron per 100 kilocalories to contain a statement on the labeling that additional iron may be necessary.


Why weren't all of Bobbie's nutrients listed on the label? 

In the US, the labeling for a food (including Bobbie Companion Formula) and infant formula have different requirements. Food products must include a certain subset of nutrients in a Nutrition Facts panel, and a list of ingredients on the label. Infant formulas must provide a more exhaustive list of nutrients and ingredients on the label.


What is Bobbie doing to be compliant?

We are working on securing infant formula approval, completing all necessary steps of the process. 


When will Bobbie be back?

We are moving as fast as possible to make the needed updates in cooperation with the FDA. Our top priority is our current customer community, and we will do what it takes to come into compliance so that we can welcome more parents to our village. 


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