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Nutrition and Ingredients

  • What's in Bobbie?
  • What is DHA and why is it important?
  • Does Bobbie use sugar in their recipe, and what’s the hype about lactose?
  • Is Bobbie suitable for babies with food allergies?
  • What makes up Bobbie’s organic fat blend?
  • Does Bobbie contain prebiotics and probiotics?
  • Where does Bobbie’s milk come from, and what does pasture raised mean?
  • Where are Bobbie’s ingredients sourced?

Suitability and Benefits

  • What are the benefits of Bobbie?
  • Does Bobbie meet my baby’s nutritional requirements?
  • Is Bobbie right for my baby?
  • Is Bobbie easily digestible?
  • What’s the difference between Bobbie and other formulas?
  • What is the nutritional difference between breast milk and formula?

Formula Prep and Safety

  • How do I prepare a bottle of Bobbie?
  • How do I keep Bobbie fresh? What is the shelf life of the can?
  • Can I microwave Bobbie?
  • What kind of water can I use to prepare Bobbie?
  • I lost my scoop, help!
  • What Baby Brezza setting should I use to prepare Bobbie?
  • Where is Bobbie manufactured?
  • My pediatrician has never heard of Bobbie. How do I know it’s safe?

Bundles and Shipping

  • What does Bobbie cost?
  • Do I have to sign up for a monthly order to buy Bobbie?
  • When will my Bobbie ship?
  • How long does a can of Bobbie last?
  • Can I edit or cancel my monthly order without charge?
  • How can I change or customize my monthly bundle?
  • Where does Bobbie ship?
  • Can I recycle the packaging materials?

About Bobbie

  • Who’s behind Bobbie?
  • Where did the name Bobbie come from?
  • Does Bobbie have any other formulas?
  • How does Bobbie give back to underserved communities?
  • Does Bobbie still sell Companion Formula?
  • How do I contact Bobbie?

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